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 How to Select the Right Live Streaming Platform for Successful Marketing

Running a successful business in 2021 is not only about confining your operation within four walls of your brick-and-mortar store. Digitalization has opened new doors for business owners to reach out to a larger audience base.

Showcasing how your business can solve your target audience’s everyday problems needs a strategic and consistent approach to it. That’s where live streaming comes beneficial. It allows you to connect with your target audience in a unique manner and share business messages effectively. In addition, live streaming allows you to reach out to a huge number of people without skyrocketing your marketing budget.

Moreover, with Covid-19 restricting offline performances of firms, live streaming appears as a more convenient and relevant tool to obtain marketing success. Importance of live streaming platforms in promoting your business in this Covid era is not only limited to digitalizing your marketing strategy.

It has, in fact, now become a lifesaver to businesses. It offers businesses ample chances to engage with more viewers and potential clients than offline marketing. If you are thinking of availing a subscription to an efficient live-streaming platform, this article may help you.

How can Live Stream be beneficial to your business?

Live Streaming can benefit your business from many aspects. It not only helps your business to gain more potential customers but also adds more value to your brand. Let’s have a look at some of its initial benefits.

  • Live Streaming helps your business to build trust and relationships with the customers.
  • It catches more real-time engagement than TV campaigns.
  • It is a great tool to build brand awareness.
  • Live streaming offers you the chance to directly interact with your clients and solve all their queries about your business product.
  • It allows marketers to produce more content than the tiresome process of video editing.

Apart from the above-mentioned, there are lots more advantages. To learn more, you may leave your queries in the comment section.

What makes a live streaming platform best for you?

Well, all the live streaming platforms generally offer different high-end features. That being said, we need something that can add value to our business and also help us to earn more profit. Let’s have a look at how a streaming platform can benefit your business.

Stream on Different Social Media Platforms at the same time

Streaming on different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube at the same time can save lots of time and engage more customers. Be.Live allows you to do the same and moreover, it lets you record your streaming videos offline.

Set and Edit schedule of live streaming

It is a great part. You can actually set your schedule for future streaming. You can choose different times and dates along with the social media platforms you want to stream on.

Invite up to 3 Guests

Be. Live generates a custom link for your guests to join you on your live stream. However, if you want, you can generate a new link for your guests. Thus, you can add up to 3 people in your live stream that helps to engage more viewers from different social media platforms.

Set Up custom branding during streaming

Most importantly, you can set custom branding for your stream. It means that you are free to add customized overlay and background during live streaming. Moreover, you can customize the theme and insert your brand logo that adds more value to the live stream.

Screen Share

It is a highly optimized option that allows you to share your device screen with the viewers. Suppose, you want to show a ratio or something important about your business on your computer screen, it allows you to do that. Isn’t it great?

Add note on the Screen

Do you want to add a customized text template during the live streaming? It can be anything that supports your business purpose. Be. Live offers you the chance to customize your live stream as per your wish and requirement.

Edit the Video for reels

Video editing is the most attractive part. You can edit your live stream after it ends and repurpose it for Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube reels for more engagement.

Apart from these features, it allows you to add media, customized widgets on your screen, and many more in just a single platform.

Should I avail Be.Live lifetime subscription?

It entirely depends on you. However, after researching different aspects of using live streaming platforms for and their impact of successful marketing, we have found data that makes Be.Live an excellent choice. Additionally, Be.Live offers businesses up to 677,425,380 engaged viewers at a cost-effective price range.

At present, renowned live streaming platforms like Vimeo charges up to $75/month and IBM Cloud Video charges up to $99-$999/month based on the plan.

As the data suggest, many of popular live streaming platforms have high subscription charges making it difficult for many new and small business owners to utilize these platforms for their marketing success. Furthermore, many businesses decide to step back from availing the benefits of such live streaming platforms due to the higher subscription.

However, the interesting fact about Be.Live is that they keep the subscription charge as low as $59. Admittedly, live streaming platforms hardly launch such lifetime access only at $59.  So, if you want to avail of the offer, you may visit

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